Short election programme

For the local election in 2023

A good life for everyone!

10 items for a social, ecological and just Kiel.

Our short programme for the first year after the election.

Die LINKE fights for social justice, equal rights and consistent, ecological policies. After the election we want to approach the following ten issues.

1. Rent needs to be lowered! The public housing company needs to be strengthened. At least 50% government-funded housing space for all new construction projects. Entitlement to housing for everyone.

2. Bolster the public sector: The municipal utilities and foster homes of Kiel need to be 100% publicly owned. Cleaners working for the city need to be employed by the city. External companies need to pay union wages.

3. Systematic ecological transformation of transportation: Reduction of parking spots by 2% yearly. Increase the speed at which bus routes and cycle lanes and paths are built to reduce car traffic. Bus fares need to be lowered.

4. Preserve the green belt: No more sealing of green areas in the city area, no connection of the A 21 (South Brace/Südspange). A new department for climate protection with the goal of climate neutrality for Kiel by 2035.

5. Renovation and redevelopment instead of new prestige projects: Invest into schools, sports facilities, and other public facilities. No expansion of the Holstein stadium, no construction of the sea visualization centre and other major projects.

6. Equal rights for all: Stronger focus on city policies and positions against discriminatory practices. The situation of refugees must finally be enhanced: Volunteer work with refugees must be supported better, access to services and help must be improved.

7. Administration for the needs of the people: Getting an appointment at city hall must become easier. More options for short term appointments. Optimised procedures to get help for urgent issues quicker.

8. True civic participation: one yearly gathering for every district. Allocate budgets to the advisory councils for every district. A cap on the city budget for referenda to create equality of opportunities.

9. Freedom instead of investor’s dreams: Increased support for self-governed projects and cultural centres like the Pumpe, Hansa 48, Alte Meierei, Rohrbruch and Alte Mu. Space for the “Schlagloch” wagon group. Abolition of the ban on playing music in parks.

10. Strengthen the social: Energy costs must be paid by the city for everyone unable to afford them. Legal advice for social and housing issues offered by the city, free of charge. Abolishment of sanctions imposed on people by the employment agency (Jobcenter). Reduction of entry fees for swimming pools and areas. Extension of library opening times and more library staff.

To achieve these goals and much more we need the help of as many social-minded people as possible. Become active for social justice, real climate protection and equal rights. Attend protests, organise in progressive initiatives, societies or groups or join our party to fight for our goal: A good life for everyone!